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Made more progress
Author: Jammy780, Posted: Aug 23, 2012
I have made even more progress, so far the things left to fix are;
- The blinds not opening/closing
- Chairs not showing that another player is on it on multiplayer (you cannot mount the same chair though)
- Dismount error with chairs (in SMP and SSP)

Things completed are;
- All blocks show up with correct textures and item icons.
- All mob heads now make noise again.
- All lamps/lights work again.
- The sink/kitchen sink now let you get water again.
- The rubbish bin now works again.

I'm expecting to release a BETA tomorrow night (GMT) so keep your eyes pealed. I need bug reports.

Please note: The mod now only requires Minecraft Forge HOWEVER it DOES work with normal Mod Loader.

- Jammy780
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