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Jammy Furniture Mod - The Future!
Author: Jammy780, Posted: Nov 09, 2013

So you might of seen some of the previews I have been showing on twitter (@Jammy780). Just a few are the dolls house, teddy bear and more recently (right before this post) the gramophone. These are a few of the new blocks that I will be adding to the new and improved Jammy Furniture Mod.

Currently there are a lot of blocks and not everybody wants them all - people were suggesting to enable/disable them in the config, but thatís a lot of effort for you and me. But Iím changing the way the mod works - completely. Iím updating the mod to allow users to choose which parts of the mod they want. The mod will be broken down into a number of different sections:
- Appliances (eg. Cooker, dishwasher)
- Garden (eg. Fountain, the gnome)
- Lighting (eg. Lamps)
- Chairs & Tables
- Technology (eg. TVís, computers, record players, cash till)
- Decoration (eg. Roofing, blinds, chimney)
- Toys (eg. Teddy bear, Dollís house)
- Facilities (eg. Kitchen sink, toilet, rubbish bin)

More will probably be added but I cannot think of them at the moment. You will be able to download them all (like you previously could) or download them individually. At current, the idea is to have all config related to the blocks in a jammyfurniture config folder instead of a single file.

Possible features will also include being able to add armour/food/tools to the dishwasher/washing machine/cooker config so it will also do them, however I am undecided when this feature will be available.

Please note:
This does mean all previous blocks will be broken because the mod ID will be changed - I donít think (I could be wrong) that you can replace the blocks with the same block ID and it will still work!

Iím working on an update for Minecraft 1.6.4 as a preparation to the new blocks being added in 1.7.2. Iím hoping to get this released soon, itís a lot of work because it means changing the way the mod is setup and rewriting large chunks of code, so please bear with me!

I hope this clears a few things up that will be happening in the coming weeks.

- Jammy780

PS. Iím also working on a new version of my blogging software which is coming along very nicely which improves a lot of the old stuff allowing me to easily modify the way the blog looks and works! It also includes tags, categories and share buttons.

After this work is complete I plan on releasing reviews of games, giving my in depth opinion on the game and a 10-20 minute HD (where possible) gameplay video.
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