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Jammy Furniture Mod v4.5 & url-so.me
Author: Jammy780, Posted: Aug 25, 2013

Sorry for the lack of interaction, I have been so busy with work and learning to drive that I have had time to do nothing! :(

I have finally updated the Jammy Furniture Mod to 1.6.2 you can get it here: http://url-so.me/DCvRK

If you didn't notice the link above it's called url-so.me (a pun on awesome).

It is a link shortener I made a few weeks back but haven't gotten round to telling everyone about it. It was more of a challenge to see if I could do it and well.. I did!

You can also preview url's made by it by doing: http://url-so.me/preview/DCvRK

I know how horrible people can be with tricks! Always be careful!

- Jammy780
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