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Good news everyone!
Author: Jammy780, Posted: Sep 19, 2012

I have recently found out how to add multiple blocks to the same ID, so any blocks that don't need rotation can use this method. At the moment it means I can remove 8 block ID's + the guttering which means a total of 13 block ID's can be removed! Ain't that just dandy!

Also I have found out how to make 3D blocks in the inventory, which means no more terrible item icons! It also makes it easier for the texture pack creators.

I have decided to rewrite the main classes of my mod because they're getting so confusing to me, and I'm the one who wrote them. It shouldn't take me too long, but it will make it so much cleaner, it also means I will be able to get rid of any stuff I don't need. I'm not sure when the next version will be out, but hopefully not too long.

PS. not sure if you already saw this but see if you can get the two changes (one is already mentioned above)


- Jammy780
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