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Hello World!
Author: Jammy780, Posted: Jul 30, 2012
Hello everyone. This is my new blog site so I can let you know whats going down!

This morning at 2:11 am (GMT I think) somebody called licko2 messaged me on the Minecraft Forum, here is a bit of what they said:

This mod is amazing! I really approve of it, but looking through the post, I noticed you are not very involved. If you do look through your topic often, and just don't reply to people, I apologize for this message. Anyway, like I said, I've been looking through the topic, and many people have great suggestions.

As my reply I wrote the following:

Thank you, I know, I kind of lost interest, I started off replying to every post but then as more and more people kept posting I left it longer and longer and it started becoming a very daunting task which I didn't look forward too. I was giving people bad answers and I generally couldn't be bothered.

I was also doing another mod which I still haven't finished yet. I feel so terrible for not replying because I really did like doing it and felt really good when people said they liked my mod. I also thought it was pointless adding anything else because of the Modding API coming out soon (HAHAHAHA!).

I'm going to update my website and put a blog post on it so I can have better contact with people. Hopefully this will make people think I haven't given up!

I hope this kind of clears things up a bit more, I will try to post on here regularly to keep you in contact with what's going on.

I'm sorry I've deserted you, please forgive me, can we kiss and make up?

- Jammy780
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