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Just a quick note, loads of people have been asking me about using my mod in a mod pack so I have updated the main forum post with the answer.

A copy of what is written is below;

Terms of Use
This mod "Jammy Furniture Mod" (plugin, a patch to Minecraft source, henceforth "Mod" or "The Mod") is sole property of the Mod author "Jammy780" (henceforth "Owner" or "The Owner"). To use the mod you must follow by the rules;
1. Do not decompile or modify the source code unless advanced permission has been given from The Owner.
2. Do not claim the work as your own.
3. Always link back to this main forum post on minecraftforum.net
4. Only download the mod from the main forum thread or the official website (http://www.jammy780.co.uk/jfm )

Mod Packs
If you wish to create a mod pack containing my Mod then you may do so, however you must;
1. Always link back to the main forum thread on minecraftforum.net
2. Always link back to the main website (http://www.jammy780.co.uk/jfm ).
3. Never make money from my Mod.
4. Always private message The Owner of the usage of the mod, even if the mod pack is not finished.
5. Always private message The Owner once you have compiled and released your mod pack.
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