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Hello everyone,

So! 1.3 has been released, excellent news. I've already been playing on it and I have to say the performance updates are great! I'm getting a good FPS now.

So a few things, I'll be working on the update as soon as Forge is updated, so don't worry I'm on it!

Also somebody (The_Soviet1) asked me to Sphax up my mod so I've kindly asked the creator if they'd be so kind as to create the textures for me.

I think that's all for now, but keep an eye out I might have something new to post about soon.

- Jammy780
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I've checked the site and Minecraft Forge HAS been updated, however the build is for modders only and there is a strict no support for 1.3.1 Forge on the forums at the moment. So beware Lex has the ban hammer ready!

Minecraft Forge link: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,1200.0.html
(sorry its not a link)

Also, I'm completely re-writing my blogging software so hopefully in the next version it should;
- be more user friendly
- be able to post more links
- have create-able and customize-able pages

Basically it's going to be A LOT better. I may even be able to get a beta version released! It's the mod first though :) (I'll make it support smilies too!)

- Jammy780
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I got down to some work and finally managed to get some good progress on my mod. Things done:

- All blocks and items have been added
- Config works
- Fixed a few right click blocks
- Fixed texture issues
- Added mountable blocks (dismount is buggy)
- Fixed a few more right click blocks (lights, sink ect)

Things left to fix at the moment:
- Fix GUI's
- Fix mountable blocks dismount problem
- Fix the rest of the right click blocks

Other than that its going good :D stay tuned everyone!

Edit: here is a picture :) http://pic.twitter.com/JWY8pJuc
Edit: Updated again.
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I have made even more progress, so far the things left to fix are;
- The blinds not opening/closing
- Chairs not showing that another player is on it on multiplayer (you cannot mount the same chair though)
- Dismount error with chairs (in SMP and SSP)

Things completed are;
- All blocks show up with correct textures and item icons.
- All mob heads now make noise again.
- All lamps/lights work again.
- The sink/kitchen sink now let you get water again.
- The rubbish bin now works again.

I'm expecting to release a BETA tomorrow night (GMT) so keep your eyes pealed. I need bug reports.

Please note: The mod now only requires Minecraft Forge HOWEVER it DOES work with normal Mod Loader.

- Jammy780
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You can download the BETA version of my mod, EXPECT BUGS!

You can download it from here: http://adf.ly/CCSEC (Sorry again its not a link, I have an updated version of my blogging software with working links!)

Bugs that I know of!
- Funny dismount from chairs in SSP/SMP (Not my fault it's Minecraft's!)
- Doesn't show mounting of chairs in SMP
- Positions when mounting chairs aren't very accurate (you appear floating above the chair)

Any other bugs that you find, tweet me @Jammy780 or comment on the forum post.

- Jammy780
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No it's true I haven't, I'm alive and well :D.

Anyway, if you haven't seen already some new and not new things from the mod:

Crafing Side: http://i.imgur.com/xx0TJ.png

Bath: http://i.imgur.com/JEZwR.png

Fish Tank (I have currently removed it because I didn't like it but it might return) http://i.imgur.com/9tF9k.png

New baskets: http://i.imgur.com/x5dgT.png
Available in four colours and so will the sofa parts and arm chair.

Preview of the new item icons (rendered in game YAY no more drawing item icons!): http://i.imgur.com/Hs3cL.png (I've added more since this pic)

Radio: http://i.imgur.com/t19gC.png

Currently there are 22 blocks and 5 block ID's. So as you can tell half the blocks have been added to the mod already and only 5 ID's have been used instead of tonnes!

If you want more updates don't forget to check my twitter, I try to update on there. @Jammy780 http://www.twitter.com/Jammy780

- Jammy780
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Jammy Furniture Mod 4.0 for 1.4.6 has just been released. It's not out of beta and has a few bugs fixed.

Bugs fixed:
Shift clicking now works for some blocks, it does NOT work for the following;
- Dishwasher
- Washing Machine
- Cooker

Fixed some recipes being incorrect from the website.
Made it so you can now get water by right clicking a sink with a bucket/glass bottle.

Also I've tried to fix the chairs, I think its made a bit of difference but please let me know.

Download 4.0 here: http://adf.ly/GL1D6

Thanks :) Jammy780

PS. Sorry for being inactive!
Jammy   Furniture   Mod   Update   Minecraft   1.4.6   
Hello everyone,

Update to the Jammy Furniture Mod to 4.4 because of the bug that caused crashing (I thought I fixed it in 4.3 but I guess not!). There are download links below :)

Another thing, check out my YouTube videos, they are game walkthrough's at the moment I am doing Resident Evil 4 and Little Inferno (I haven't released any for a little while but I have two new Resident Evil videos coming out today and later next week). Any comments you may have will be greatly appreciated just put them on a video and I will check them a few times a week!

Thanks for the support of the Minecraft Mod.

- Jammy780
Jammy   Furniture   Mod   Update   Minecraft   1.5.1   1.5.2   V4.4   

So you might of seen some of the previews I have been showing on twitter (@Jammy780). Just a few are the dolls house, teddy bear and more recently (right before this post) the gramophone. These are a few of the new blocks that I will be adding to the new and improved Jammy Furniture Mod.

Currently there are a lot of blocks and not everybody wants them all - people were suggesting to enable/disable them in the config, but thatís a lot of effort for you and me. But Iím changing the way the mod works - completely. Iím updating the mod to allow users to choose which parts of the mod they want. The mod will be broken down into a number of different sections:
- Appliances (eg. Cooker, dishwasher)
- Garden (eg. Fountain, the gnome)
- Lighting (eg. Lamps)
- Chairs & Tables
- Technology (eg. TVís, computers, record players, cash till)
- Decoration (eg. Roofing, blinds, chimney)
- Toys (eg. Teddy bear, Dollís house)
- Facilities (eg. Kitchen sink, toilet, rubbish bin)

More will probably be added but I cannot think of them at the moment. You will be able to download them all (like you previously could) or download them individually. At current, the idea is to have all config related to the blocks in a jammyfurniture config folder instead of a single file.

Possible features will also include being able to add armour/food/tools to the dishwasher/washing machine/cooker config so it will also do them, however I am undecided when this feature will be available.

Please note:
This does mean all previous blocks will be broken because the mod ID will be changed - I donít think (I could be wrong) that you can replace the blocks with the same block ID and it will still work!

Iím working on an update for Minecraft 1.6.4 as a preparation to the new blocks being added in 1.7.2. Iím hoping to get this released soon, itís a lot of work because it means changing the way the mod is setup and rewriting large chunks of code, so please bear with me!

I hope this clears a few things up that will be happening in the coming weeks.

- Jammy780

PS. Iím also working on a new version of my blogging software which is coming along very nicely which improves a lot of the old stuff allowing me to easily modify the way the blog looks and works! It also includes tags, categories and share buttons.

After this work is complete I plan on releasing reviews of games, giving my in depth opinion on the game and a 10-20 minute HD (where possible) gameplay video.
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