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Hello everyone. This is my new blog site so I can let you know whats going down!

This morning at 2:11 am (GMT I think) somebody called licko2 messaged me on the Minecraft Forum, here is a bit of what they said:

This mod is amazing! I really approve of it, but looking through the post, I noticed you are not very involved. If you do look through your topic often, and just don't reply to people, I apologize for this message. Anyway, like I said, I've been looking through the topic, and many people have great suggestions.

As my reply I wrote the following:

Thank you, I know, I kind of lost interest, I started off replying to every post but then as more and more people kept posting I left it longer and longer and it started becoming a very daunting task which I didn't look forward too. I was giving people bad answers and I generally couldn't be bothered.

I was also doing another mod which I still haven't finished yet. I feel so terrible for not replying because I really did like doing it and felt really good when people said they liked my mod. I also thought it was pointless adding anything else because of the Modding API coming out soon (HAHAHAHA!).

I'm going to update my website and put a blog post on it so I can have better contact with people. Hopefully this will make people think I haven't given up!

I hope this kind of clears things up a bit more, I will try to post on here regularly to keep you in contact with what's going on.

I'm sorry I've deserted you, please forgive me, can we kiss and make up?

- Jammy780
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Hello everyone!

I've been very busy recently helping to develop a new game for Android called Meowy Kitten.

It's now been released and we'd love for anyone and everyone to try it out!

You can find it on the Google Play store by clicking this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lostlevelstudios.meowykitten&hl=en_GB

If you do like it - please share and leave a review to help spread the joy of Meowy Kitten to your friends and others.

It's only available for Android at the moment, but if it gets popular then we will be bringing it to iOS as well.

For updates, please follow the app on Twitter @MeowyKittenGame and the company @LostLvlStudios.

You can also like our Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/LostLevelStudios

Finally, our website: http://www.lostlevelstudios.co.uk

Thanks eveyone!
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