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I've checked the site and Minecraft Forge HAS been updated, however the build is for modders only and there is a strict no support for 1.3.1 Forge on the forums at the moment. So beware Lex has the ban hammer ready!

Minecraft Forge link: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,1200.0.html
(sorry its not a link)

Also, I'm completely re-writing my blogging software so hopefully in the next version it should;
- be more user friendly
- be able to post more links
- have create-able and customize-able pages

Basically it's going to be A LOT better. I may even be able to get a beta version released! It's the mod first though :) (I'll make it support smilies too!)

- Jammy780
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I got down to some work and finally managed to get some good progress on my mod. Things done:

- All blocks and items have been added
- Config works
- Fixed a few right click blocks
- Fixed texture issues
- Added mountable blocks (dismount is buggy)
- Fixed a few more right click blocks (lights, sink ect)

Things left to fix at the moment:
- Fix GUI's
- Fix mountable blocks dismount problem
- Fix the rest of the right click blocks

Other than that its going good :D stay tuned everyone!

Edit: here is a picture :) http://pic.twitter.com/JWY8pJuc
Edit: Updated again.
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